Since 1979, the growth and emergence of A-1 Chrome & Polishing Corp. as one of the finest plating and polishing facilities in the northeast, can be attributed to one single factor. The emphasis on QUALITY & SERVICE in every phase of the company's operations. Both owner/partner are still actively engaged in the supervision and follow through of all orders. Quality must radiate from the finished product before it is delivered. Scheduled delivery dates are strictly adhered to. All personnel are trained by top management to become craftsmen in the industry.


A-1 Chrome Plating & Polishing Corp.'s facility is modern and new. Over 7,500 sq. ft. of space to house the modern equipment, machinery and executives offices. Solutions are continually monitored and upgraded.Electro chrome plating with its low coefficient of friction and a natural hardness of approximately 70 "Rockwell" done right with conforming electrodes, has proven itself for many years to be the best deposit for the plastics industry for release and wear, as well as long life for molds. Chrome can be deposited 0.0001" to approximately 0.050" and it can be ground or EDM to the size required. There is no book written about polishing. It is done just from experience. We are not trying to confuse you with big words or technical terms. What we are saying is that " we can give you the best polishing job to your requirements!" SPI and SPE #1 is an every day practice for optical and cosmetic molds finish.

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